Our Lady of the Holy Spirit is a monastery near Atlanta, Georgia.

In 1944, when our founders came here from Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky, the land purchased for our monastery, a former plantation, was several miles outside Conyers. And Conyers was a small town quite distinct from Atlanta.

Today, the suburbs of Atlanta extend right up to our property line. We believe that it is important for us to maintain our property as a green space for people to enjoy. Many visitors tell us how much they appreciate the quiet peace of our monastery.

We have a retreat house with guided retreats throughout the year; people are also able to come for private retreats at any time. We have a bakery where we make fruitcakes, fudge and a soft biscotti. Our Monastic Heritage Center includes a store with many religious items, a Garden Center which includes our famous bonsai, a welcome center, and a museum of monastic history which focuses on the history of this community of monks. You are welcome to learn more about us by visiting the website for our monastery.


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