Renovating our church

As churches re-open, we too hope to be able to open soon. We have been able to receive visitors at the back of the church for several weeks. But now, we have had to close again, not because of the pandemic, but because serious work on our renovation has begun.

All the choir stalls have been removed to make room for new choir stalls which are being built in our wood shop.

the sanctuary is visible on the other side of the partition

We have moved into our chapter room for Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours. It is a beautiful room built as a place for the community to gather to listen to the abbot’s teaching on the Rule of St. Benedict and our community life. We have moved in an altar for Mass and old choir stalls for the hours.

Liturgy in the pandemic

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We celebrate Mass every day, as we always do. This is a Sunday celebration.

Some of our bothers (and three visiting sisters) gather to the left of the altar.

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But, as we look out into the nave where our guests sit – we see empty space.

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We are looking forward to the day when our friends and visitors will be able to celebrate with us again.


Fourth of July

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Yes, we celebrated the Fourth of July as we usually do. A cook-out eaten in our cloister. And fireworks in the noon sun. That may be one of the prime examples of monastic ascesis: setting off fireworks in the middle of the day!

Here are two of our older monks lighting the fireworks and our abbot (in the blue cap) watching for some sparks.

One landed in our lily and gold fish pond. There was a bit of drama until we were able to dowse the burning reeds with more water.

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A good time was had by all. And we all survived.