Deep inner life

A Trappist seeks to let go of daily distractions to free the mind and heart for deep contemplation. At Holy Spirit we have a special time of prayer in the early morning. In the middle of our Vigils, which begins at 4:00 am, we have a half hour of quiet prayer in the dark, keeping quiet vigil.

Our activities and attire are simple and humble. Our habits continue the tradition of our 12th century founders: simple undyed robes with a black scapular. The cowls we wear for liturgies in cold weather are without seams and have long sleeves which, when extended, form a cross. Thus, we wear the Cross of Our Lord.

Our grounds are profoundly silent save for purposeful speech, quiet chant and the sounds of nature. We are lovers of the place and find blessings in union with and stewardship of creation. At Holy Spirit, we are committed to protecting a green space amid the growing suburbs of Atlanta. We have dedicated a part of our property as a natural burial ground, which provides inexpensive burials. This is part of our commitment to return our land maintaining natural diversity by protecting and developing hardwood forest and eastern wildflower meadows.

We maintain decided degrees of separation from the outside world—so that we may continually renew ourselves and the world through prayer.

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